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How we help

How many products sit in your warehouse unused?

If you’re anything like the average UK business, there’s quite a few. From end of line items to samples and slight seconds, these are the products that do little more for your business than gather dust.

In the best case, you could earn a few pence by selling them on. More likely, you’ll have to spend more money putting them to waste.

In Kind Direct offers another way. A socially responsible way that takes the products you don’t want and gets them to people who do.

Use your residual stock to reinvigorate a community

At In Kind Direct, we take the usable stock you have no need for and distribute it to thousands of partner charities across the UK.

From youth groups to emergency care providers, more than 7,500 charities have benefited to date. That’s thanks to more than 1,000 companies who have helped us so far.

We’d love you to work with us.

What can you give?

All kinds of consumer products can have real value to vulnerable communities.

We’ll consider carefully anything you have to offer; end of lines, obsoletes, residuals, slight seconds, samples, items in damaged packaging or annual donations after stock take.

However we definitely can’t accept:

  • Second hand clothes
  • Out of date items
  • Furniture and house clearances

To get started, tell us what you can give.

You can call us on 0300 3020200, email donations@inkinddirect.org, or fill out our product donation form.