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Why give stock to In Kind Direct?

When an organisation is on the brink, your surplus stock could come to the rescue.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations need your help. Tightening budgets make it harder than ever to afford high quality products, from clothing to cleaning materials

But donating stock is not just another way to help a charity. It’s an established, successful way of giving that works for your company and communities alike.

Share your surplus stock

Stock that’s surplus to your company could get you a small return from a liquidator, or become your way of giving something back. In Kind Direct offers you a quick way to clear products from your warehouse, giving them to those in need.

High impact help

Reaching individual charities and arranging donations is time consuming and complex. With In Kind Direct, you can reach thousands of charities – and millions of people – all through one point of contact.

Be a better neighbour

As well as helping you meet your corporate social responsibility goals, In Kind Direct can help you do your bit for the environment. Your surplus stock doesn’t end up in landfill – it helps enhance lives.

Inspire colleagues and stakeholders

Giving to In Kind Direct has a waterfall effect that ripples through an entire company. With our detailed reports on how your stock is being put to use, you have the perfect way to tell colleagues, customers, and stakeholders about the valuable help you’re giving.

Give products with peace of mind

Our vetting and monitoring procedures give you control over where your products end up. All donations are tracked so we can ensure your goods will only be used for charitable purposes and won’t turn up on market stalls, in charity shops or online.

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