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Protecting your donations

We know it matters where your products are going.

After all, that’s exactly why you don’t want to send them to landfill, or sell them on for a few pence in the pound.

You want your products to go where they are needed most. You don’t want them re-surfacing on market stalls or online. That’s why we’ve put together a complete monitoring programme for secure donations.

So you can give with confidence.

Putting your surplus stock to good use

When we talk about putting your stock to good use, that doesn't mean selling it on. It doesn’t mean turning your donations into raffle prizes that could later be resold, or using them to raise funds.

It simply means giving them to genuine charities who will use them, or give them for free to people in need.

Every charity partner agrees to our detailed terms and conditions to reflect that.

A relationship based on trust

If you’re about to donate products to us, we think it’s the least we can do to ensure your products are put to good and proper use.

We use:

  • A process to confirm the legitimacy of charities registering with us
  • A monitoring policy that identifies where stock ends up
  • An impact report that feeds this useful information back to you

If you need more visibility or control, we can also limit the distribution of products to the UK or overseas.

There’s really no reason not to give the stock you don’t need. Contact us now on 0300 3020200 to find out more.