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Donation case studies

There’s nothing average about the generosity of our donors.

All sorts of companies donate products for our charities, in many different ways. Here are a few real examples of donations we’ve received.

High street retailer

One company sends us large annual donations of end of line stock. Often, we advise the retailer on the stock categories we need the most.

For the company, it’s a way to reach more grassroots charities without managing individual relationships. For our charities, it’s an ongoing source of a variety of useful, essential products.

Toiletries manufacturer

This partner donates end of line and cosmetically damaged products. That’s anything from misprinted labels to incorrect barcodes.

Like any company, its brand is a protected asset. By donating to us, the manufacturer knows its products will never be sold or used in fundraising.

Toy manufacturer

Every year, this toy manufacturer carries out a review to identify obsolete stock. When they find it, they send it to us.

It’s easier and more cost effective than storing it in a warehouse and, more importantly, it’s a gift to children living difficult lives.

Clothing company

A global clothing company provides us with end of line products and samples.

In fact, the relationship has flourished to the point that donating to In Kind Direct is a company-wide policy.

Entertainment company

This company supports our charities by encouraging suppliers and licence holders to donate to us. But that’s not all.

The company even collects the samples, cosmetically damaged products and out of licence products, and sorts them in a central warehouse before sending them on.

Tools manufacturer

This well-known tools manufacturer makes quarterly donations of obsolete, end of line and reconditioned tools.

Its products avoid the grey market and its actions motivate staff as part of an overall corporate responsibility strategy.

Government agency

When this government agency rebranded, it had no need for its old-brand products. Everything from pens to umbrellas, bags and disposable cameras suddenly became out of date.

So the agency decided to donate these supplies to us, allowing old products to get new life within our charities.

Own-brand products manufacturer

This manufacturer donates stock returned by retail clients. Often, these products have cosmetic defects that make usable products unsellable – but these defects are irrelevant to our charities.

What’s more, we help the manufacturer gain approval from retailers for branded products to be donated.