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Your money can do more.

Individual charities and not-for-profit organisations can’t function without your support. We provide a way to help more of them with a single donation.

It’s simple. The money you provide to In Kind Direct funds our work. It means we can accept the products donated by companies and distribute them to charities, without passing on large costs. The money you give is multiplied 15 times over in the value of products we are able to distribute to disadvantaged communities and vulnerable people.

In this way, a donation to In Kind Direct is a smart way to show your support – not just to one charity, but to the sector as a whole.

How to donate

There are lots of ways to donate – and they’re all quick and easy.


Make a one-off donation

  • You can donate below through Just Giving with your credit or debit card.

Give monthly

Make a monthly donation to In Kind Direct. For every £1 you give, £15 worth of products will be distributed to charities across the UK. Help millions of people today gain access to everyday essentials

Send a cheque:

  • Payable to “In Kind Direct” to In Kind Direct, 11-15 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8EE.

If you would like to invest in what we want to achieve by 2020, building on the vision of our Founder, HRH The Prince of Wales, you may want to consider joining our Patrons' Network.

If you’d like to restrict how your money is spent or ensure it helps a cause you care about, please get in touch. You can discuss specific funding proposals by calling 0300 3020265.