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One donation. Extraordinary impact.

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Every day charities in the UK struggle to buy the items they need to deliver their essential work. Nurseries need toothpaste and toys. Women’s refuges need bedding and toiletries. Hospices need washing up liquid and detergent.

The money you give helps us to reach more charities and handle more stock. In this way, a donation to In Kind Direct is a smart way to show your support – not just to one charity, but to the sector as a whole.

Give today and change thousands of lives tomorrow.

Why donate

In Kind Direct was founded by HRH Prince of Wales and takes usable surplus products donated by companies and diverts them from waste to charities where they’re needed most.

Our service is a lifeline to thousands of charities helping vulnerable people across the UK, allowing them to spend more of their money on support, not supplies.

A donation to In Kind Direct is a smart way to support not just one organisation, but thousands of grassroots charities across the UK tackling a huge range of issues, from child poverty to domestic abuse and disability.

Every cash donation we receive is multiplied at least 15 times in value of products received by charities.