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The Benefits of Building Product Giving into your Operations

CSR policies have now become a staple for business strategies of many SMEs, not just multinationals. But are they merely a high-profile marketing initiative or is there real substance and impact in businesses doing social good?

As CEO of In Kind Direct, founded by HRH The Prince of Wales to make it easy for companies to donate their surplus products for charities, I work with our donor companies day in, day out. I have experienced first-hand the growing importance for businesses to not just be seen as responsible, but to reap the benefits and gratification of operating in a genuinely responsible way. While some might still be building their strategies primarily to improve their image in the media and appeal to environmentally and socially aware customers, most businesses have now realised that acting responsibly puts a virtuous circle in motion with beneficial effects felt across their entire value chain.

In our experience, responsible businesses attract and retain resourceful and productive millennials. They inspire suppliers and contractors to improve their operating standards and appeal to investors. Their practices create a climate of trust, innovation and a sense of belonging in the community which has the effect of attracting customers and boosting their brand reputation.

With sustainability and social programmes multiplying and £150 million worth of products donated to In Kind Direct since 1997, our donor companies have long understood the power of responsible business. Every time they donate their surplus products to In Kind Direct, they are not just diverting usable surplus products from landfill; they are releasing extraordinary social value by making their essential products accessible to those who may otherwise go without.

We welcome more companies to build product donations into their everyday business practices. We do all the work to ensure millions of people can benefit every year. To find out more, get in touch today: visit inkinddirect.org, call us on 0300 3020 200 or Email me directly at robin@inkinddirect.org.

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About In Kind Direct

  •  In Kind Direct is one of The Prince’s Charities. Its purpose is to inspire product giving for social good by re-distributing usable products donated by some of the UK’s best known manufacturers and retailers to charities working in the UK and abroad.
  • In Kind Direct is a one-stop solution providing the infrastructure to accept large quantities of goods and then store, sort and deliver them directly to charities in its network.
  • Charities, not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and community groups can all register for free via the website www.inkinddirect.org to benefit from the service. Goods can be used to run their services or can be given out for free to the people they serve.
  • Since 1996, over 7,500 charities have received products from In Kind Direct, helping them save money on their operational costs, enabling them to spend more on their essential services. The results of the latest impact study show that by re-distributing goods In Kind Direct is able to alleviate poverty, improve self-esteem and is a vital support for charities working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. Full findings are available on request.
  • In Kind Direct has made a powerful impact on communities through the redistribution of £140 million worth of surplus goods from 1,000 companies including some of the UK’s best known manufacturers and retailers: Amazon, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Asda, Wilko and Colgate-Palmolive.
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The following contacts are available for interview:

In Kind Direct: Robin Boles, CEO and Laura Hales, Head of Charity Partnerships – 0300 30 20 200.
Additional contacts across the UK at In Kind Direct charity partners are available on request.
Please phone In Kind Direct to discuss.

Interview footage from both charity and donor partners can be made available on request.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Thomas Rattier, Head of Marketing & Communications 0300 30 20 200, marketing@inkinddirect.org