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Businesses can support local communities easily and effectively through goods redistribution charity In Kind Direct


Turn your surplus goods into social good

Since its creation in 1997, In Kind Direct, one of the Prince’s Charities, has redistributed £140 million worth of goods to more than 7,500 charities donated by over 1,000 businesses, supporting their social responsibility programmes and reducing their disposal and re-processing costs.

Aspiring to become a responsible business is about working closely with stakeholders across the supply chain, reducing one's carbon footprint and improving labour standards. But it's also about giving back to the community that enabled the business to become successful.

Breathe life into unused goods; get essentials to people who really need them

Thanks to its effective logistics infrastructure and established network, In Kind Direct can reach thousands of grassroots charities across the UK and deliver products to where they are most needed. And this is making a great difference: in its latest impact study In Kind Direct found that 55% of charity respondents were engaged in providing essential support to people struggling to afford basic supplies.

“The reality is that many people are turning to charities for household essentials, such as toiletries and cleaning products, long before they go to a food bank.” said Robin Boles LVO, CEO of In Kind Direct, at a recent event organised in conjunction with Amazon UK to launch In Kind Direct’s Impact Study.

In Kind Direct distributes to charities across the UK a wide range of new goods donated by large manufacturers and retailers. This includes laundry supplies, health products, toys, office supplies, clothing, footwear and baby items.

Andy Rubin, Chairman of Pentland Brands, one of In Kind Direct’s key donors says: “In Kind Direct allows us to donate products that would otherwise go to landfill, might get destroyed or sold through other channels - it allows us to get those products to people who really need them and gives charities access to better quality products than they would otherwise be able to afford.”

Consumers and charities value socially responsible brands

By donating surplus products, manufacturers and retailers are not only preventing wastage and reducing their warehousing costs whilst providing essential help to charities and their beneficiaries – they are encouraging their staff and customers to consider them as socially responsible brands.

Speaking at the Impact Study launch, Martin Glenn, incoming Chief Executive Officer of the FA and previously CEO of United Biscuits, another key donor of In Kind Direct, says: "Healthy business is at the heart of a healthy community. Today business needs to operate with enlightened self-interest - delivering financially but in a socially responsible way that is supportive to communities, or consumers will take their business elsewhere."

This is corroborated by In Kind Direct’s charity partners, as Wendy Mahoney at Stanley Mews Community Trust in Wellingborough, explains: “As a charity and as a staff team our opinion of the donors has massively improved. We’ve got a much more positive view about companies we might previously have just seen as very commercial organisations, knowing that they have a social conscience.”

Charities rely on organisations like In Kind Direct to continue to deliver and enhance their services. With demand expected to increase as the global refugee crisis deepens, In Kind Direct calls upon all manufacturers and retailers to donate any stock of new usable products to make this possible.



FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Thomas Rattier, Head of Marketing & Communications 0300 30 20 200, thomas@inkinddirect.org

NOTES TO EDITORS The following contacts are available for interview: In Kind Direct: Robin Boles, CEO and Laura Hales, Head of Charity Partnerships – 0300 30 20 200.

Additional contacts across the UK at In Kind Direct charity partners are available on request. Please phone In Kind Direct to discuss. Interview footage from both charity and donor partners can be made available on request.

  • The results of the latest impact study show that by re-distributing goods In Kind Direct is able to alleviate poverty, improve self-esteem and is a vital support for charities working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. A press summary of the research is included below. Full findings are available on request. 
  • To date, over 7,500 charities have received products from In Kind Direct, helping them save money on their operational costs, enabling them to spend more on their essential services.
  • In Kind Direct has made a powerful impact on communities through the redistribution of £140 million worth of surplus goods from 1,000 companies.
  • In Kind Direct is one of The Prince’s Charities, which is the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the UK.