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In Kind Direct can now say “yes” to office clearances!


As well as offering consumer products, many companies come to In Kind Direct asking for help with clearing used furniture and equipment from offices. In the past, we’ve struggled to handle this kind of stock, but we’re pleased to announce that thanks to a new partnership with The Recycled Assets Company (TRACO), we can now help in many cases.

TRACO is a social enterprise which specialises in professional and environmentally-responsible office clearance services. By working with TRACO you’ll not only get professional clearance job done, but also support In Kind Direct’s wider charitable work.

Earlier this year Private Equity firm, Lyceum Capital, moved office. As with any move, there were many items such as office furniture, fixtures and waste that needed to be removed from the old office once they had relocated. The team at Lyceum Capital contacted In Kind Direct for advice and we were able to refer them to TRACO.

Marijn van de Geer, team assistant at Lyceum Capital, says:

“As a very busy office, one of the biggest advantages of TRACO was knowing we were dealing with a capable, expert and professional team. Moving offices is stressful and time consuming for those members of staff involved in the process. Therefore having the TRACO team help us with the final office clear out was a great experience as they made it so easy for us. We are grateful to In Kind Direct for facilitating this relationship.”

David Lloyd, Logistics and Production Manager at In Kind Direct, says:

“TRACO is a great option for companies moving or revamping the office. With TRACO the removal is not only done professionally and efficiently but gives disadvantaged people the opportunity to learn new skills and get back on their feet.”

Is your company moving office soon or are you having a big office clear out?

We can help you make sure that nothing ends up needlessly in landfill and that your excess furniture and IT equipment is given a new lease of life where it’s needed most.

To find out more, contact our donor team on donations@inkinddirect.org.