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In the wake of a typhoon: Hope & Aid Direct update from Cebu island, Philippines

Essential supplies from In Kind Direct making a difference a year on from the disaster.

Children are now able to do their school work on notepads donated to In Kind Direct
Image credit: Bruce Pullman

In January 2014 vital aid from In Kind Direct arrived with Hope & Aid Direct on Cebu island, Philippines, to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan - one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded - had a particularly devastating effect in Tacloban and the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines.

Hope & Aid Direct, a UK based humanitarian charity, responded immediately by sourcing goods from In Kind Direct to send to people affected to help them re-build their communities. Three 40ft containers, containing pallets of baby feeding bowls, crockery and educational supplies donated to In Kind Direct by Asda, Portmeirion and Learning Resources, were distributed on Cebu island where 98 per cent of buildings were damaged by Typhoon Haiyan.

In Kind Direct recently received an update from Charles Storer MBE, Founder and Head of Operations at Hope & Aid Direct, on the situation on Cebu island a year after Typhoon Haiyan:

“A year after Typhoon Haiyan, life in the worst hit areas is still fragile, particularly in the wake of another battering by the recent ‘super typhoon’ Hagupit which we call Typhoon ‘Smash’. Life had been getting back to a routine of semi-normality, but in these parts of the Philippines normality is a hard life of survival. This time, 2500 houses have been totally or partially destroyed to the north of Tacloban, with a rising death toll of 27, although this is thankfully nowhere near the 7000 who perished a year ago. Dwellings there are no more than plastic sheets covering wooden frames on stilts over water, and these will now need to be reconstructed yet again."

“The aid that we gave to the people there after Typhoon Haiyan - including notepads, baby food and plates that we sourced from In Kind Direct – took a great deal of effort to get there but undoubtedly lifted their spirits and was greatly appreciated. We await news from the Philippines as we write this, to learn how they were affected in the latest typhoon, especially as another is also expected."

Dwellings are often no more than plastic sheets and corrugated iron roofs
Image credit: Charles Storer

In Kind Direct is one of The Prince’s Charities, which sources donations of new products and redistributes them to charities across the UK. Charities use the goods to run their services or to give out to their beneficiaries. To date In Kind Direct has helped 6,900 charities access essential goods, helping millions of people in need every year.

Efforts to rebuild Cebu island and the wider region continue, but are made more difficult by the fact that the Philippines experiences up to twenty typhoons per year. Hope & Aid Direct has continued to monitor the on-going need in the area, particularly in light of the recent Typhoon Hagupit.

Hagupit was the biggest storm to hit the Philippines in 2014, but caused less devastation in terms of lives lost due to the evacuation and national preparedness strategies delivered by government and aid organisations in the wake of Haiyan. Another tropical storm, Mekkhala, is expected to hit this weekend, coinciding with the arrival of Pope Francis.

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For more information on Hope & Aid Direct please contact Charles Storer, Founder and Head of Operations: 01277 350 660 or email charles@storerbox.co.uk.

  • Hope & Aid Direct is a volunteer humanitarian charity that has worked in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Kosovo.
  • Volunteer members raise their own funds and obtain donations of aid from the public, churches, schools and companies, as well as by ordering goods from In Kind Direct.
  • Since they started working with In Kind Direct, in 2005 they have received over £2 million worth of products such as toiletries, clothing and essential household supplies.
  • This shipment to The Philippines includes 60 generators, 112 Shelterboxes, 70 Disaster and Emergency Life Boxes, 21 tonnes of food and much other valuable aid.