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Can In Kind Direct help my charity?

There’s a good chance we can.

Does your charity run without any administration? Do the communities you support already have everything they could ever need to enhance their lives? Do you have ample resources to buy essential supplies?

Probably not.

Do you want to save money?

With limited funding, most not-for-profit organisations are looking for new ways to save money. In Kind Direct is free to join, and we only a small charge for providing goods – typically between 10% and 20% of the retail price.

Do you want to give products to the people you support?

We provide many products that can be used to run an organisation, from computers to cleaning products. But many of our charities give products away to the people who need them most.

You could create:

  • A gift bag to encourage people to use your services
  • Rescue packs of essential household goods to people in crisis
  • Welcome packs of toiletries for people coming to a homeless shelter
  • Starter kits for people moving into a home after living in temporary accommodation

You can get more ideas on our inspiration pages.

See some of the big brands who already donate to In Kind Direct.

Not a registered charity?

That’s okay – all we ask is that you’re a not-for-profit organisation or social enterprise who will only use goods received to run your services or give out for free to those you serve. If you’re in any doubt, check our registration page for the documentation we require.

Do you need to send goods overseas?

Although we can’t deliver to international addresses, we’re happy for you to use products overseas.

Are you a religious organisation?

If you’re a religious organisation that provides services in the wider community, you could be eligible to join In Kind Direct. Please contact us for more information.

Are you a public sector organisation or school?

We are now taking registrations from non-fee-paying schools. Certain public sector organisations may also be eligible to join. Please contact us for more details.