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Warmth This Winter

We believe everyone should feel Warmth this Winter; whether it’s through the clothes we wear, the warmth of feeling cared for or through the wonderful feeling of gifting. 

The cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, with many households having to make tough decisions everyday whether to pay the rent, heat their homes, eat or be clean. In our recent network survey, 79% of organisations said people they support are struggling with energy costs and are worried about winter. 

They also told us they need essential items like tea, coffee and confectionary, warm clothing, blankets, bedding and towels, home appliances, beauty products, toys, books, outdoor footwear and baby items to support their community. Can you help? 

Can you help support people through the winter months?

If you are a company and have products to donate, email  donations@inkinddirect.org today

If you’re an organisation in need of products to support your community, register for free to access winter essentials.  

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Download and share our social post to encourage more charitable organisations to join our network!

Download and share the below campaign asset with other charitable organisations (including schools, youth groups, community centres, CICs and food banks) to encourage them to join our network and make incredible savings on much needed products.

Together we can help even more people feel Warmth this Winter.  

Supporting copy:  

We’re supporting In Kind Direct’s Warmth This Winter campaign, to help keep people warm and well throughout the colder months. 

Everyone deserves to feel warmth this winter, whether it’s through the clothes they wear, the warmth of feeling cared for or through the wonderful feeling of gifting. Through In Kind Direct, we’re able to access essential products such as warm clothing, blankets and hygiene products to give to the people we support.  

If your organisation needs access to products to support even more people in our community, join In Kind Direct’s charitable network today inkinddirect.org/register 

Special thanks to our donating partners