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Hygiene Poverty is Not a Choice

What is Hygiene Poverty?

Hygiene poverty is not being able to afford everyday personal hygiene products many of us take for granted. Many people experiencing hygiene poverty face the impossible choice to heat, eat or keep clean on a daily basis.

Every person deserves to wake up and feel clean. But for the millions of people in the UK living in hygiene poverty, this human right can feel more like an unattainable luxury.

Many families are facing the impossible decision between heating their homes and feeding their families. But there is another ‘choice’ that is far less known and talked about: Hygiene.


The Focus of our Campaign

Our 2022 Human Right to Hygiene Report identified a roadmap to drive change.

Fundamentally, it identified that not enough people know about hygiene poverty or what it is, and that there is a real shame and stigma associated with it.

We are therefore launching our Not a Choice campaign, which aims to:

  • Raise awareness of hygiene poverty in the UK
  • Provide educational resources to support conversations in safe spaces about hygiene poverty
  • Distribute the equivalent of 300,000 hygiene packs* to people who need them

Our aim is to drive long-term systemic change, whilst supporting people who are being impacted now.


*These hygiene packs contain essential products like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and period products. Not only keeping people clean and well but boosting self-esteem, and giving people the confidence to leave their homes and go to school or work.


Help us tackle hygiene poverty:

£10 could help supply 6 hygiene packs, reducing the pressure on 6 families for a month*

£10 could help distribute the equivalent of 6 hygiene packs to families in need, reducing the pressure on 6 families for a month

Text CHOICE to 70460 to donate £10

To donate a different amount, text CHOICE followed by the amount you wish to donate. (e.g. CHOICE20)
Standard network rate applies plus donation cost.
By donating you are opting in to hear from us, or add NOINFO to opt out. E.g. CHOICENOINFO

Retailers, manufacturers and brands with hygiene products to donate get in contact below

Contacts: donations@inkinddirect.org

A huge variety of charitable organisations can join our network for free to access hygiene products to support local communities – registered charities, schools, youth groups, community centres, CICs, food projects and more.

Signup here.

Our resources page gives advice on how to start conversations and create safe spaces free from stigma to support people experiencing hygiene poverty.

Access resources here.

Your kind donations help us provide essential hygiene products to people who need them through our charitable network across the UK.

Special thanks to our donating partners

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The Human Right to Hygiene One Year On

Last year, we published the Human Right to Hygiene report which mapped the systems that drive hygiene poverty and outlined a set of clear steps to tackle hygiene poverty in a Roadmap for Change. One year later, we wanted to share how we’ve worked to tackle hygiene poverty, the impact we’ve had to-date, and our next steps along our Roadmap for Change.