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Tesco and Unilever in store promotion – Buy 2 donate 1

The September launch

You may remember back in September we ran a “buy 2 donate 1” promotion in partnership with Unilever in 750 Tesco stores across the UK. The support from Tesco shoppers was overwhelming, and over 400,000 personal care products were donated to us as a result of the promotion. We have heard so many uplifting stories from our charitable network partners who subsequently benefitted from the donation, and were able to support their community over a challenging Christmas period.

Tesco shelf with In Kind Direct promotion

The next promotion

The next instore promotion is going live in over 350 Tesco stores across the country between 25th January and 7th March. We hope to see another large donation of personal care items including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and skincare, which will all be available from April on our catalogue.

Check out your local Tesco superstore to see the promotion and show your support!

Close up image of the promotional material in Tesco.

The products we have available

Thanks to the promotion, we had lots of incredible products available for our network. Why not see what hygiene products we currently have, by clicking the button below?

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