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Early Essentials

a women from a charity holding some of the products they have brought from IKD. She is holding a sure women's deodorant in one hand and resting her hand on a basket of items full of IKD products. there are also a lot of IKD products neatly arrange behind her on shelves.

Newborn starter packs

Early Essentials is a Manchester based charity that helps vulnerable pregnant women, mothers and their babies by providing essential items.

Their Moses basket starter packs, filled with essential products for both Mums and babies, are saving lives within their community. Early Essentials have become an integral referral service in the Manchester Vulnerable Babies Death Prevention Strategy. They receive referrals from the Infant Death Prevention Team, the Thriving Babies Team and the Safeguarding Children’s Service. The people they support may be homeless, refugees or fleeing domestic violence.

The Moses backet packs are worth £350, and whilst Early Essentials receive donations from the public, there is always a shortfall which the organisation has to cover. Sarah, Early Essentials Co-Founder, says that being able to secure these products from In Kind Direct “is a huge help in keeping costs down”, and told us that “With us receiving around 50 referrals per month to our Manchester branch, and referrals being 45% up on this time 3 years ago, the need for these toiletry items has never been greater to support the vulnerable pregnant women and their babies that our packs help.