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The Hygiene Bank Moira

The Hygiene Bank Moira

The Hygiene Bank (THB) in Moira, Northern Ireland, part of the national network of Hygiene Banks, distributes essential personal care items to local people struggling financially.

Through In Kind Direct, THB Moira has the freedom and flexibility to stretch their funds much further, as they have been able to access more products at a lower price, enabling them to support a larger number of people.

Catherine, the Coordinator for THB Moira, told us that they have been able to turn £180 into £783 worth of products, which she described as a “van load of products that enabled us to give each family in the community toilet roll, laundry detergent, shower gel, and nappies, alongside some household cleaning supplies.”

Having recently received some funding, THB Moira has been able to access even more essential items from In Kind Direct and Catherine particularly praised the period products and dental supplies. Catherine also said:

“I am amazed about how much our funds can stretch with IKD. We would not be able to continue to help and support without IKD as buying direct [from shops] would reduce our funds significantly… We have also made up packs for our community partners and our school partnerships. IKD often means we can double if not triple the amount of packs we can provide.”

Catherine urges other charitable organisations to sign up to In Kind Direct’s network, not only to stretch funds further but to also “share that feeling of kindness these products can bring to our communities”.