Our rules for joining

Rules for joining In Kind Direct's network

There are many ways you can use products from In Kind Direct. But, to secure the help of major companies in donating products, there are a few ways that our products can’t be used.

1. Products can’t be sold

Although many charities sell products to raise funds, our donors have provided their stock to be used only to run your organisation or give to the people you support for free.

2. Products can’t be used as prizes

Many of the products we provide are cosmetically damaged, end of life, or slight seconds. To protect the brands of our generous donors, they can’t be used as raffle, tombola or auction prizes.

3. Products aren’t for personal use for staff, volunteers or family

The products we offer are there to help communities and individuals in need. Sometimes, that means using them to run and maintain your projects and facilities, such as office supplies or cleaning products. However, products may not be ordered for staff, volunteers or their families for personal use.

4. Products can’t be passed onto other organisations

 The products are only for use in your own charity. This enables us to track the whereabouts of goods donated to In Kind Direct.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please email us at info@inkinddirect.org