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Easy ways to track your DPD deliveries

Screenshot of DPD page

Most of the boxes of products we send to you are delivered by DPD.  There are some brilliant features on their new website designed to keep you informed about the progress of your delivery and help you save delivery preferences.

  • We strongly advise you to set up an account with them.  It only takes a few minutes, and here we have a few tips to help:
  • From their home page https://www.dpd.co.uk, click on the link labelled ”HELP”, and then the menu option in the left hand side labelled “Your Delivery Preferences”.
  • Type in your email address. They’ll then send a verification email.
  • You’ll be asked for your postcode and mobile number to retrieve details about previous deliveries.
  • As you don’t need a password to set up the account, the next time you want to log in you simply follow this same process with the same email address.

The Free DPD App for your phone

Another option is to download the free DPD App, available from Apple and Android app stores, if you haven’t done so already.

You will receive notification 30 minutes before your delivery is due to arrive, you can pinpoint your location on the map, upload a photo of the premises to help the DPD driver locate you easily, add your “leave at safe place” location and amend the date of delivery if required.

Choose how to get in touch with DPD

If you have any problems on the day of your delivery then there are a range of ways to contact DPD directly via https://www.dpd.co.uk/content/how-can-we-help/contact.jsp