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Pantry at a food bank. there is a wide range of different foods that are neatly placed on a red shelf.
Supporting people pushed further into poverty

With the Furlough scheme ending this month, energy bills likely to rise next month and the £20 a week uplift to Universal Credit set to end, we know that many of you expect demand for your services to increase further, to help people through a difficult winter ahead. 

Izzy profile pic
Social Media Tips and Tricks

We’d like to introduce you to our new Social Media and Content Coordinator – Izzy. Check out her 3 top tips on how to make the most of your social media!

Volunteers-at-Telford-warehouse three men smiling while facing the camera. they have scrub daddy faces piled on the work
Volunteers Week

We relished reading your stories of the key role volunteers have had during an exceptionally difficult year in your pandemic response.

supplies for Afghan refugees
Supporting Afghan refugees

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like leaving home with no time to say goodbye and to arrive in a different country far away, with only the clothes you’re wearing. We know around 8,000 Afghans and their children fled to the UK at the end of the summer and charities, faith centres and community groups across the country stepped in to provide welcome and practical help.

strategic partners standing next to each other while facing the camera in the warehouse.
Our Strategic Partners

We work closely with a range of partners to achieve our mission, ensuring everyone has access to life’s essentials and that no usable product goes to waste. 

Homeless guy putting on a jacket that he got from a from a busy stand that is offering clothing during a cold winter evening
Spreading Warmth this Winter together

In November we launched a new range of winter focused products, based on what you said you needed most over these months, to run your services and support local people.

Child playing in a ball pit
Support children with a #SummerOfPlay they deserve

We’re partnering with Save the Children this summer to help get children active and playing outside again. We are asking organisations to pledge to support a #SummerOfPlay as the COVID-19 restrictions ease. The number of pledgers will strengthen the open letter to the UK government, calling on them to back the #SummerOfPlay initiative and provide additional funding.

Zag and David talking in warehouse wearing orange IKD hi-vizes.
Behind the scenes in our warehouse

16 of the In Kind Direct team left behind our spreadsheets and dining room desks to come together for a day in our warehouse. As several new people have joined In Kind Direct over the last year, it was the first in-person meet for many and even with masks on we pretty much recognised everyone in an instant from our virtual meetings. 

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