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United in getting urgent supplies to Turkey and Syria

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We are in close contact with the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) to offer support, and right now financial donations to aid agencies are the most important way we can all respond and support efforts on the ground in Turkey and Syria. 


We have been shocked and saddened by the devastation to people’s lives and livelihoods and our thoughts are with everyone affected. 


We quickly reached out to the DEC and spoke to a number of emergency relief agencies.  Following advice we signposted members of the public and companies wanting to donate to the DEC as the most important and necessary way to respond and support efforts on the ground.  


Quick to respond was Goods for Good, a humanitarian aid charity that has been part of our network since 2014.  They had pallets of clothing, infant milk powder, bedding and other essential supplies ready to go and companies who have been supporting them for years stepped forward to help. 


Working with partners Magen David Adom UK and the Humanitarian Resources International Foundation they were able to secure a plane and get supplies to Adana, a city approximately 115 miles from the epicentre of the earthquake. 


Streatham Youth and Community Trust delivers services for local children and young people in South West London, with a focus on people facing barriers to reaching their full potential.   Although their work is local, they also help further afield when they can. In 2022 their minibus transported aid to Ukraine and rescued a family fleeing the war. 


On hearing news of the earthquake they joined up with a local businessman who was collecting donations from his shop and organising transport to deliver aid to Turkey.  As Angie, CEO, explains “He was trying to source period products and nappies. As we have been a part of In Kind Direct for several years now, we immediately made contact, to see what could be done.”   


Together we were able to get vital supplies of baby food, nappies, hand gel, shampoo, period products, toys, and carry cots out. “This is a great example of how we can make a difference when we work together.” 


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