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Volunteers Week

Valuing Volunteers

7th May 2021

69% (514) of you told us that recruiting/welcoming back volunteers will be one of the areas you’ll be focussing on in the next few months in our recent impact survey. We relished reading your stories of the key role volunteers have had during an exceptionally difficult year in your pandemic response.

For example, AOG Central told us:

“We support an elderly gentlemen who hasn’t seen his support worker and he can’t leave the house for shopping. Weekly we deliver a parcel that provides food and household products, the same volunteer visits him and they’ve become friends over time. It has made such a difference to him”.


We are therefore getting behind Volunteers’ Week 2021, and using it to share our thanks to all the volunteers who have ensured that the products you source from us get to where they are most needed.

If you want to get involved too, the Volunteers Week website offers a rich array of promotional materials, resources you can use to thank, train and recruit volunteers.

A few other stories you have shared with us about your exceptional volunteers:


By being able to obtain products useful in the home they have more money to buy treats for the family, even if ever so small. It has also helped people to feel valued, especially our volunteers who often do 8 hour shifts in PPE & masks which can be gruelling.

Big community picnic

We work outdoors in all weathers, we are now able to provide our volunteers and staff with waterproofs and suitable footwear, gloves, masks and ppe to keep everyone safe and comfortable and ensure those on low incomes can participate in our activities.


In the first and second lockdown our charity was buying all our PPE, facemasks and antibacterial hand gel. Then In kind provided the hand gel and facemasks which was a huge help to our charities finances, keeping our staff and work team members who have learning disabilities safer. Crafting activities items were a huge benefit sending out to team members that were shielding at home. Outdoor wear is a great benefit to staff, volunteers and team members as we work in all weathers.

Competition Winner

We are pleased to announce that the Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan Trust has won £50 account credit from the prize draw of organisations who took part in our impact survey last month. The trust provides information, advice and practical support to alleviate poverty and abuse across Leicester and Leicestershire. We hope the £50 account credit enables you to reach and support even more people with life’s essentials. Congratulations!