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Hygiene poverty is Not a Choice campaign image.
Hygiene Poverty is Not a Choice

Every person deserves to wake up and feel clean. But for millions of people in the UK living in hygiene poverty, this human right can feel more like an unattainable luxury.

Not a choice campaign imaged
Not a Choice Campaign Assets

Millions of adults are experiencing hygiene poverty in the UK right now. We see this in our community. We’re supporting more and more people who are being faced with the impossible decision to eat, heat or keep clean. 

Hygiene poverty is Not a Choice campaign image.
Not a Choice Campaign – Educational Resources

What is hygiene poverty? Hygiene poverty is not being able to afford everyday personal hygiene products many of us take for granted Many people experiencing hygiene poverty face the impossible choice to heat, eat or keep clean.

End Digital Poverty Day

This 12th September is the first End Digital Poverty Day. Charlotte, our Partnerships & Impact Director shares what we’re doing and why it’s about equal opportunities for all. 

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The Human Right to Hygiene One Year On

Last year, we published our landmark, Human Right to Hygiene report which mapped the systems that drive hygiene poverty and outlined a set of clear steps to tackle hygiene poverty in a Roadmap for Change.  One year later, we wanted to share how we’ve worked to tackle hygiene poverty, the impact we’ve had to-date, and our next steps along our Roadmap for Change.  

A women volunteer handing a bag full of donations over a counter to a man who is wearing a hat and a face mask.
Our commitment to sustainability

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. It essentially extends the traditional sustainability issues of just environmental impact, to also include good governance practices and social factors. Here at In Kind Direct, we believe that improving lives shouldn’t cost the earth.

Poster that has a image of a light black brother holding his younger brother. next to this is a orange background with the message help us reduce hygiene poverty. there is a circle with a promo of buy 2 and we'll donate 1 to IKD. on this background there are a range of not a choice related products such as Persil, Corsodyl, Andrex and more. underneath this is a banner with logos of Andrex, Aquafresh, Bodyform, Comfort, Corsodyl, Persil, Radox, Sensodyne, Simple, Sure, Tresemme.
Multi-Supplier Hygiene Poverty Campaign in Tesco

We are excited to announce the launch of our 3rd hygiene poverty campaign with Unilever and Tesco – the campaign is now bigger then ever as we have been joined by three more manufacturers: Kimberly Clark, Essity, and Haleon.

Two girls sat smiling in a school. one is wearing blue framed glasses and the other is slightly younger and is wearing a pink and white top.
Summer of Play Campaign Assets

Download these campaign assets to help us encourage other charitable organisations to join our network. Registered charities, schools, nurseries, youth groups, baby banks, community centres, CICs, food projects are eligible to join and access a wide range of summer and back to school products.

picture of women at a event holding there hands out like they are presenting something. a 500 helium balloon is behind them.
Early Essentials

Early Essentials is a Manchester based charity that helps vulnerable pregnant women, mothers and their babies by providing essential items. Their Moses basket starter packs, filled with essential products for both Mums and babies, are saving lives within their community.

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