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We have launched a new series of virtual events to bring together manufacturers, retailers and charities to celebrate the power of product giving. At In Kind Direct, we believe everyone deserves access to life's essentials and no usable product should go to waste. We work alongside hundreds of companies and thousands of charities and together provide vital supplies to millions of people each year.

Upcoming Events

Our next Speaker Series webinar will be on Wednesday 21st October, 11.00 - 12:00, Online. More information coming soon.

Past Events

Growing our impact - connecting brands and local communities to achieve more

Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 11:00 – 12:00, Online

Has the crisis made you reconsider how your organisation works?
Are you a brand looking to have real impact with your products?
Do you just want to know more about how In Kind Direct can help your organisation?

This year we have all seen huge change. The coronavirus pandemic has seen schools, offices and community centres close or drastically adapt their services, social distancing restrictions and an unprecedented amount of uncertainty...Read more

From lolly moulds to toilet roll – how product giving can positively impact your organisation

Thursday 27th August 2020, 15.00 – 16.00, Online

Are you a charity, school or community group providing practical care and support?
Are you a manufacturer or retailer striving to make more impact and with goods to donate?
Do you want to know more about In Kind Direct and how you can help?

In our first session we heard from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, our lead donor from our recent ‘Holiday at Home’ Summer campaign and Renewal Trust, one of our charity partners delivering amazing services across Nottingham. You’ll also find out more about In Kind Direct’s COVID-19 response and impact, including initial findings from our latest research...Read more

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