Registering with us

Before you can order products you need to register for free online with In Kind Direct. Here’s more information on who can join and the benefits of joining.

We aim to process registration applications within three working days.  We will send you a confirmation email and you will then be able to access the catalogue and place orders.

Your registration is valid for one year, after which we ask you to renew your registration for free by updating and resubmitting your charitable organisation's details online.

We take privacy seriously, for details of how we will use the data provided by organisations that register with us read our Privacy Notice.

Renewing your account


Why am I being asked to renew our account?

Once a year we require all organisations in our network to renew their registration with us. This helps us to keep contact information up to date and accurate. We take privacy seriously, for details of how we will use the data provided by organisations that register with us read our Privacy Notice.

It also forms part of our ongoing monitoring of the products distributed by In Kind Direct. It helps us to ensure that all goods are used in accordance with our terms and conditions, as part of our commitment to those who donate products to In Kind Direct.


How do I renew my account?

  1. Log-in using your email address and password.
  2. If your account has expired, or is due to expire soon, you will be prompted by an on-screen message. Follow the link to ‘Renew Now’.
  3. Complete our simple renewal form to check that the details we hold about your organisation are correct.  Please note that you must supply two different and unrelated contacts:

Primary contact: This person should be authorised to manage and place orders on behalf of your organisation.

Management Representative:  This person should be senior to the primary contact, for example a manager, CEO or trustee and must be different and unrelated to the primary contact.

  1. We aim to process renewal requests within three working days.

Placing an online order

To place orders online you must be registered for free with In Kind Direct and log in to the site using your email address and password. You can then browse the catalogue and use the search facility to find the products you require.

Simply add products to your basket, taking note of any restrictions on quantities that can be ordered and noting that there is a minimum order value of £20 before VAT. There is no rush, once something is in your basket it is allocated to you and cannot be ordered by someone else. You have seventy-two hours to complete your order before the basket is automatically emptied and the products returned to stock.

When you are ready, simply complete your order and choose a payment method. Payment can be made by card, BACS or cheque. Online payment by card or BACS are the quickest and most secure methods. You should use a card belonging to your organisation. If this is not possible and payment is made by personal card, we may require evidence of funds being reimbursed to the individual by your organisation. If paying by cheque, we recommend sending with suitable, secure postage and retaining proof of postage.

Payment options

When you complete your order you may choose whether to pay by secure online card payment, bank transfer (BACS) or by sending a cheque by post. Orders are only despatched when full payment has been received. Online payment by card or BACS are the quickest and most secure methods.

If paying by credit or debit card, your payment will be processed by our payment service provider Sage Pay. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Delta, Maestro and Solo cards. You should use a card belonging to your organisation. If this is not possible and payment is made by personal card, we may require evidence of funds being reimbursed to the individual by your organisation.

If paying by bank transfer (BACS) or cheque, please use your order number as a reference. Please note, we will normally hold your order for seven days. Your order may be cancelled if payment is not received within this time frame. If paying by cheque, we recommend sending with suitable, secure postage and retaining proof of postage.


The charge for In Kind Direct’s service includes delivery to a UK address. With our standard service your order will generally be delivered within 10 working days from the date we receive payment. Express delivery is also available for certain products. Click here for more information about delivery.

Fundraising with goods


Many organisations have asked for In Kind Direct to allow goods to be used for fundraising. At present, goods must not be used for fundraising activities such as raffles or tombolas unless In Kind Direct communicates an exception for goods that are allowed to be used for events fundraising. On rare occasions where items are identified as suitable for fundraising this will always be clearly marked on the catalogue and will be restricted to raffles and tombolas which take place at events. Goods must not be used for online fundraising such as e-auctions.

Fundraising with goods has not been allowed due to donor company concerns about brand protection and their wish for products to be used directly for charitable purposes. Most donors still feel strongly about this. However, the aim of our service is to help you save money on essential items that can be hard to fundraise for. This frees up funding which can then be spent delivering your frontline services. You can log in to your account and view the savings you are making at any time. We will also provide an annual savings figure at account renewal. For many organisations we work with, savings can reach thousands of pounds each year.


What is events fundraising?

By events fundraising, we mean raffles and tombolas which take place at physical events, as opposed to online. Using any goods received from In Kind Direct for online fundraising activities, such as e-auctions remains strictly prohibited. This is because activities such as e-auctions involve the selling of the goods, as opposed to raising funds through selling tickets.


How do I know which goods are available for fundraising?

When a company donates goods available for events fundraising, this will be clear in the product description. Of course, you can still choose to use these for your charitable activities, as usual. Generally, these will be goods that wouldn’t ordinarily feature on our catalogue. There will also be a sticker on the item which will identify that it is suitable for fundraising. Only goods which feature on this page, and which have the sticker, can be used for fundraising purposes. All other goods must only be used to run your operations or be given for free to the people you support.


How often will goods be available for fundraising?

This depends on how often we are donated goods which companies have agreed can be used for events fundraising. The vast majority of donor companies do not permit their goods to be used for this purpose. The availability of goods for events fundraising may therefore be sporadic but we will continue to approach companies with a view to securing more goods which can be used for events fundraising.

Finding an invoice

If you want to find an invoice for an order, log in to your account and then:
- Click on ‘My Account’ on the top right hand side of the page
- Click on ‘Order History’ on the left hand list
- You’ll then see all of your orders in a list

- Click ‘View Invoice’

You will be able to view and print any of your organisation’s invoices.

Quantity restrictions on products

To ensure our service benefits as many organisations as possible, we sometimes place limits on the number of each product an organisation can order. This is stated under each product as ‘Max Qty Allowed’.

Your organisation will only be able to order up to the maximum quantity permitted in each order (or any current open orders) and will not be able to order the product again until payment is received for the first order.

Charges for providing goods

Our general principle at In Kind Direct is to set charges for providing goods as low as we can to ensure both that charitable organisations are getting the best deal we can give while at the same time covering a proportion of our running costs. Charges for individual items fluctuate depending on such things as:

  • The amount of work that a donation requires to make it suitable for distribution. We receive all shapes and sizes of goods, donated from companies across the UK and beyond. The cost of receiving, sorting and preparing these products varies greatly.
  • The cost of transporting a product. Bulky or heavy items are expensive to transport. A higher charge may be applied to bulky or heavy items to contribute to some of the additional costs of transporting these items both into and out of our warehouse.
  • Supply and Demand - Some items are more popular than others. A lower charge may be applied to less popular items to ensure that they move through our warehouse and free up space for new products. Charges for more popular goods may be set at a higher level in order to contribute towards the costs of handling the entire range of products across the catalogue.


Why can’t In Kind Direct offer goods for free?

The charges for providing goods contribute to the costs associated with securing donations, processing them at our warehouse, producing the online catalogue and delivering goods across the UK. The charges also contribute to investment in improving our service, in developing new partnerships and continuously improving and growing the service we offer. We are committed to keeping the charges as low as possible.


Why are charges for some items set differently to other items on the catalogue?

Computers and laptops generally are not donated to In Kind Direct but are available on the In Kind Direct catalogue because of deals we’ve negotiated with selected partner companies. For more information on these products, please see our partner products page.

Minimum order value

Each order you place must be at least £20 in total before VAT, and after any discount. A minimum value is needed to ensure the associated charge value reflects a viable contribution towards our costs associated with sourcing, processing and delivering orders across the UK and our service remains viable. We regularly review this level and are committed to keeping the charges for individual products as low as possible.

Unwanted goods

Unwanted products cannot be returned, unless we are at fault in delivering the wrong products, or an order is damaged in transit. In those instances, you must notify us within seven days of receipt.

Damaged or faulty goods

Please check all goods on receipt. Should you receive products that are damaged, do not function or you are missing items from your order, please advise us within seven days of receipt. You can do this by emailing the order number and details of the damage or fault to the Charities team at Please send us photos wherever possible to help resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

We cannot accept responsibility for problems reported to us after seven days of receipt.

Logging in

Although you can browse the catalogue without logging in, to view all information about products and to place orders you need to be logged in.

If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one on the log in page following the ‘forgot your password?’ link.

If your account information cannot be retrieved online please contact the Charities team on 0300 30 20 200 or

Adding an additional account user

Once you are logged in, you can add a new account user using the facilities in the ‘My Account’ section. The new user will be sent an automated email when their individual user account is created.

You will need to be an Account Controller to add, remove or update other user accounts. The Access level of each user can be found in the “User Accounts” section of “My Account”.

Managing account users

Using the facilities in the ‘My Account’ section, you can view and manage the account users for your organisation. There are two levels of account with different permissions or “Access levels”:

Account Controllers can add, remove and update any user accounts associated with their organisation. They can also place orders.

Users with Order Authorisation level can view other user accounts but can only update their own individual account information. They can also place orders.

Partner Terms and Conditions

We need your help to protect everyone that uses and benefits from In Kind Direct. Please ensure that your staff, volunteers and service users know the importance of our Terms and Conditions. These are regularly reviewed and always available on our website.

These Terms and Conditions lay the foundation for our relationship with individual charitable organisations that register for free with In Kind Direct. This includes our obligations to one another, how products may and must not be used to support your work, and how we will process any data you provide through accessing our service. Read our Privacy Notice for more details.

You will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions when registering, at annual renewal and when an order is placed. We take any breaches of our Terms and Conditions very seriously and investigate any suspicion that products are not being used appropriately.

Please click here to read our Partner Terms and Conditions.

Secure ordering

Please be assured that any payment details you provide when completing an order will be processed with the utmost care and security.

All card payments made on this website are processed by Sage Pay, our payment service provider. In Kind Direct does not store your card details on the site and all transactions are encrypted between your browser and the secure server. No personal or financial details are left unencrypted on a remote server, and such details are never sent by email.

Our partnership with Sage Pay means that In Kind Direct can safely process your card payment through your bank, and complete the transaction securely behind protected firewalls.

We take privacy seriously, for details of how we will use the data provided by organisations that are registered with us read our Privacy Notice.

Product donations

If you would like to make a donation or if your organisation is ever offered a donation of new goods which you cannot accept all/part of, please call our Donations team. Get in touch with them on 0300 30 20 243 or send details, ideally with photos to

Contact us

If you have a question, want to tell us something we’re doing well or highlight an area where we can improve, get in touch! Contact the Charities team between 09.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday on 0300 30 20 200 or send an email at any time to We will respond as soon as we can.


Your feedback helps us to encourage more product donations. We welcome stories, quotes, photos and videos of products in use and having an impact for the people your organisation supports. With your permission, we can use those stories to report the difference product giving makes to our donors and partners. For more information, read our Privacy Notice.

If you would like to provide feedback about any part of our service, please contact the Charities team between 09.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday on 0300 30 20 200 or send an email at any time to We will respond as soon as we can.

Sending a photo? Take a look at our handy Photo Guide first.

You can also help us as well as your fellow users by leaving product reviews directly on our online catalogue (you’ll need to be logged in to do this). This helps other users know what to order and helps us to understand which products matter the most to our network. Take a look at our review guidelines for more information.