Impact Report 2018

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As a charity, we have a responsibility to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our actions and measure the impact generated by our work. Our Annual Impact Report complements our regular visits to charity partners, telephone research and feedback analysis, and assesses the difference receiving products from In Kind Direct makes to organisations and the people they help.

Our 2018 Impact Report showcases the huge range of activities which are made possible through product donations to In Kind Direct, from providing basic hygiene products to increasing a person’s confidence and wellbeing.

Here are some of the ways in which goods from In Kind Direct have helped charities to deliver their life-changing work over the last year:

Improving health, hygiene & wellbeing

Dignity, self-esteem & inclusion

Tackling poverty and crises

Supporting organisations and communities

The savings we make when using In Kind Direct mean we can redirect that money into other projects to help sustain, develop and expand our charity. For example, at the moment, the majority of those savings go directly into improving our facilities, which are dilapidated in some areas.
Jan Ware, Community Facilities ManagerHigh Trees Community Development Trust, London
Without access to the products In Kind Direct provides, we would not be able to offer relief to those in need anywhere close to the level we are currently providing. In fact, on a few occasions, projects have actually been designed around what products we are able to source from In Kind Direct first before proceeding.
Peter Knight, Operations DirectorAura Ion Foundation, Bristol

Impact Report 2018

You can download our digital Impact Report report from the link below

Impact Report 2018

Knowing that hundreds of thousands of our surplus goods are helping small, local charities around the world thanks to the hard work of In Kind Direct, not only ensures we are a more sustainable business, but also inspires and instils a sense of pride among our UK employees.
Doug GurrUK Country Manager, Amazon

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