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Our Commitments – Innovate & Collaborate

In Kind Direct connects socially conscious companies and charitable organisations working alongside local communities. For 23 years and counting, In Kind Direct has strived for innovation and collaboration to achieve this goal. Our Manifesto embeds these values within our ethos and operating model. 

Inspire & Advocate – Our Commitments

As a charity with #ProductGiving at its heart, the Manifesto is central to everything we do to support charitable organisations working in the front line, tackling a wide range of social issues.

How is your business addressing the climate emergency?

As CEOs of the world’s largest companies, politicians and change-makers meet this week in Davos, they are acutely aware that this new decade is absolutely critical in determining what the future of our planet will be.

2019 Year in review

2019 – Year in Review

2020 is here and it’s the perfect time to reflect on the achievements of last year and highlight what we plan to deliver in the months ahead.

In Kind Direct is AmazonSmile’s spotlight charity

AmazonSmile’s spotlight charity initiative is a simple solution to easily donate and help your favourite causes and charities.

Donations of stock down due to Brexit fears warns charity boss

A leading charity CEO has warned that companies are being forced to stockpile products they would normally donate to charity due to Brexit uncertainty

Providing Life’s Essentials

Almost three-quarters of the charities surveyed said the products they are able to source from In Kind Direct has meant they could simply keep going.

Consumer Power: How Consumer Behaviour can influence change

More than half of Brits (52%) say they would feel disappointed if they knew that a business wasn’t giving its surplus stock to charity for people in need

Throwaway January News Review

Our #ThrowawayJanuary campaign has sparked numerous social media conversations since making the news, particularly from In Kind Direct’s donor companies, each one referred to as an #IKDPioneer

The True Impact & Deeper Meaning of Product Giving to those in need

Baron’s Court Project regularly orders toiletries and cleaning products from In Kind Direct for their beneficiaries, who include rough sleepers.

Why Product Giving is so important to Charities

“product giving for social good”. Never is this more appropriate than for the household, toiletries and cleaning products that we distribute to thousands of charities each year.

Throwaway January

We know that consumer behaviour has the ability to change the way a company does business and wanted to find out what the wider public think about product giving, waste and sustainability.

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