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International Women's Day 2016


In Kind Direct celebrates International Women's Day

In Kind Direct is a charity made up of an extraordinary network of people that give surplus products for social good.

International Women's Day stands for many things, but we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight and thank some of the inspiring women that support our network. Although there are countless, we have chosen just four from our network of charities, donor companies, staff and trustees:

Anne Toba

Anne Toba

Anne has spent the last 10 years working to improve the lives of women across the world. Her organisation, Ripples Foundation UK was founded in 2005 and delivers women's empowerment and community development programmes in the UK, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. Anne orders from In Kind Direct to provide these women with the essentials they need to enhance their own lives and those of their families.

Anne's biggest inspiration

Antie Nike, a well known Nigerian artist who has trained thousands of artists free of charge, and continues to do so. She has no formal education, completely self-taught, comes from very humble beginnings, suffered domestic violence, yet very modest and continues to work tirelessly.


Charlotte Stanley

Charlie is a rock of the In Kind Direct team. She has worked with us for over 4 years and coordinates all of our donor relations and fundraising activities. Not only does she handle this with such skill, ease and utter coolness but she also spends her spare time fundraising and volunteering to help other charities.

Charlie's biggest inspiration

The Channel 4 News international journalist Lindsey Hilsum. For many years she’s covered some of the biggest stories in the world. She’s often in the middle of all the action having to speak up to be heard over the gunfire and bombs and always trying to get the truth across in a clear manner. She’s seen more things than most of us could ever dream of!


Tammy McFeggan

Tammy McFeggan started working for our donor, Disney, as a custodial hostess cast member (“in other words, a sweeper”) 32 years ago. She is now Director of Corporate Community Affairs in Europe, finding good causes (of which In Kind Direct is one!) for ‘VoluntEars’ within the firm. She is forever bright, bubbly and reliable and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. Thank you Tammy!

Tammy's biggest inspiration

Her mum inspires her the most – It was she who instilled in her from a very young age, the idea of ‘giving back and getting involved’ in her local community.


Debra Allcock-Tyler

Debra is the newest member to our Board of Trustees and we are so thrilled that she could join us! She has been the Chief Executive of the Directory of Social Change (DSC) since 2001 and is a hugely vocal advocate for the voluntary sector. She is a sensational role model for us all- stopping at nothing to advocate for and support the people who need it most.

Debra's biggest inspiration

Her maternal grandmother– Noreen Olive May Rimmer (nee Rennie). She spent a great deal of her childhood in poverty yet when anyone of her family were afraid or hurt she would inevitably quote from one of her favourite authors: Oscar Wilde or Anouilh or Kipling and boost their spirits. They all adored her and miss her wisdom, humour and grace terribly even now.

Who inspires you in your life and why?

Share your stories and let's celebrate International Women's Day!