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To learn more about who we are, why not download our media kit?

For any usage of the content, please contact us to let us know.


The best way to share a story is to show it. We’ve gathered some of our favourite photos from charity partners so that you can help us tell the story of how product giving for social good is transforming lives across the UK.


Videos help to bring a story to life. If you visit our YouTube page , you'll find a whole host of videos about our work and the people we help. 

Find out more about our story, directly by the people that benefit from our service.


We launched new branding in April 2017. We'd like to say a huge thank you to the lovely people at Addison Group for creating it!

If you are a fundraiser, journalist, charity or donor partner and would like to use our logo, please download it by clicking on the images below:

In Kind Direct logo:

In Kind Direct International logo: