Product Giving Revolution makes the news

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Product Giving makes the news

What happens to things that don't sell?


On 7 December, we launched our manifesto – Join the Product Giving Revolution, as a response to the findings of our 20th Anniversary research project. Supported by 21 of our major product donors, our campaign calls on manufacturers and retailers like you, to consider donating your surplus product to In Kind Direct so that it can be made available to the thousands of charities and millions of people who are in desperate need of it.

Our campaign caught the attention of the media and has sparked a bigger conversation about the how much good companies can do, by choosing to donate their surplus. We know there is over £2 billion of consumer product surplus that we are not currently accessing, despite having distributed £185 million value of goods over the past 20 years. If you think company could help – and could take the simple step to integrate product giving into your existing corporate strategies, please get in touch with us by email or telephone.

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