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Hygiene Poverty Briefing – Spring 2023

Using national polling data from our Not a Choice campaign, and insights from our charitable network, our spring briefing provides an overview on hygiene poverty in the UK in early 2023.  

Impact report 2022

We believe everyone deserves access to life’s essentials. In 2022, the cost-of-living crisis forced people to make the impossible choice to heat, eat, or keep clean. With resources stretched to the limit, this year, our work was more needed than ever.

Human Right to Hygiene

Our new report maps the systems behind hygiene poverty, and crucially, outlines a Roadmap to Change with concrete steps we can take to help end hygiene poverty. Every person deserves to feel clean. But for those forced to make the daily decision whether to heat, eat or be clean, this human right is simply beyond their reach.

More than Products

We worked with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) to better understand the value of our work, and some of the key social outcomes we deliver. In 2021, every £1 spent delivering our work unlocked at least £14.05 of social value for our charitable network.

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Products in a pandemic report

When you face a crisis, you know who your true friends are and it’s thanks to our friends – charities,
companies and funders –that we have been able to dramatically scale up our
response to huge increases in demand

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Impact report 2021

When we released the first edition of this report last year there was a feeling that the worst was over. Little did we know that another year on, Covid-19 would still be dominating our professional and personal lives.

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Impact report 2020

In Kind Direct helps grassroots organisations to do more for less and gives businesses a way to help
everyone live, learn and work safely. This short report details our response and impact during the first six
months of the pandemic, from March to August 2020.

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Impact report 2019

We have just reached a wonderful milestone:
£200 million in value of products generously donated by
1,125 companies have been received by 9,700 charitable
organisations so far and millions of their beneficiaries.

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