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Calculating our impact

We worked with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) to better understand the value of our work, and some of the key social outcomes we deliver. In 2021, every £1 spent delivering our work unlocked at least £14.05 of social value for our charitable network.


Read the full report here

By distributing essential products to charitable organisations, In Kind Direct created at least £39.2m of benefit in 2021.  This includes approximately:

We have started exploring the social outcomes we deliver for the people who receive products. For young people aged 18-24, this includes increasing their confidence, autonomy and sense of belonging. For low-income families, this includes reducing parental stress, and increasing a sense of belonging and attendance for school-aged children. This initial work suggests at least a further £3.3m in social value each year.

In Kind Direct will continue to develop this research and share our progress. Read the full report for our findings, case studies and methodology. Together, we can increase awareness of the value of products far beyond their retail price.  

In our June survey, 35% of our network are feeling a reduction in income, while over 80% are seeing an increased need for their services from more people. The cost of living crisis is set to worsen, so the pressure on local charitable organisations is only going to intensify. Understanding our social value allows In Kind Direct to create powerful partnerships and enable more communities to thrive.  


If you are a charitable organisation that would like to conduct their own social cost-benefit analysis our Impact Assessment Guide provides a step-by-step guide on measuring and quantifying your impact.  

If you have any questions about this research, or if you would like to learn more about how we measured our social impact please reach out here.

To learn more about New Economics Foundation please click here.