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Ricoh scheme FAQs

Find answers to your questions about the Ricoh and In Kind Direct scheme

Where does the scheme cover?

Scheme covers charities registered in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Can Ricoh pick up our old Ricoh copier?

Yes, please let us know that you have a Ricoh machine that needs picking up when you send in your application. Non-Ricoh copiers cannot be collected. 

Is my device covered, in the event of damage, by a Ricoh managed insurance policy?

No, all contents/building insurance will need to be arranged by you, the end user.

How and when will we be invoiced by Ricoh?

Invoices will be emailed to you directly from Ricoh. Ricoh will invoice quarterly, in advance, the agreed fixed service maintenance charge. Any over usage, or colour copies, will be charged quarterly in arrears.

Are colour copies included in the quarterly service maintenance charge?

No, this set charge is for black and white copies only.  Colour copies are charged at 5p per copy.

Are toners included in the quarterly service maintenance charge?


How do we order more toner?

Please register an account on eService. This is available 24/7 at and allows you to:

Place and track requests for a service engineer.

Order and track toner and other consumable items. Please note: toner needs to be ordered when the device indicates that it’s low. 

Quickly submit and set up reminders for meter readings. Please note: this will help to ensure accurate ongoing billing.

Access to Ricoh Knowledge Base for self-help problem solving.

Are staples included in the quarterly service maintenance charge?

No, they are charged. 

Does an engineer come out once per quarter to maintain our copier?

No, maintenance is requested as and when needed. Please see for further details. 

Is there any obligation to continue the service maintenance agreement after 12 months?

No, if you wish to cancel your contract with Ricoh, please contact Ricoh’s Settlements Team directly by emailing 

Is there a notice period for cancelling the service maintenance agreement?

Yes, you need to give Ricoh 90 days’ notice to cancel the agreement. Final meter readings will be required and any over usage will be invoiced after cancellation. 

Can we cancel our service maintenance agreement contract prior to the 12 months specified without penalty?

No, unless this is due to an exceptional circumstance and Ricoh UK Ltd are in agreement.  Please contact for further details. 

We are not going to order another Ricoh copier and are going to cancel our service maintenance agreement, will Ricoh still pick up our old copier?

Yes, your copier can still be collected by Ricoh. You need to contact Ricoh’s Settlements Team on for further details. Final meter readings will be taken when the device has been returned to Ricoh’s warehouse and any over usage will be invoiced after cancellation.

If we need to move a copier from one site to another, will Ricoh do this for us?

Yes, this can be arranged by Ricoh’s Re-sites Team. Please note, there will be a charge for this service. Please email for further details

We are ordering a new copier to replace an old one (copier is not eligible for a free of charge replacement), can we transfer the current service maintenance agreement to a new copier?

No, the current agreement has to be terminated and a new agreement started. If you request the same type of device, you will be charged the same as before.

My machine is no longer serviceable, can I get a replacement copier?

Yes, but only if a Ricoh engineer has confirmed that it is non-serviceable and it is still within 12 months of the delivery date. You will need to find out the serial number for the copier and report this directly to us at

With a replacement copier, does the existing service maintenance agreement transfer over to the new copier?

Yes, it does.

Is it a problem if our office is on the 2nd floor and there are no lifts?

No, as long as there is space to get the copier up the stairs.

Do Ricoh offer a data sanitisation service?

Yes, there is a free of charge basic service and two that are chargeable. For further details and costs for these extra services, please contact  

How many methods of Connection are available?

Server based network (wired infrastructure)

Wired-router based network (wired infrastructure)

Wireless Network Connection (Wi-Fi)

Wired infrastructure (USB or Ethernet cable)

How do I know what type of infrastructure I have and how I need to connect a PC to a printer/copier?

If you connect your PC via RJ45 / Ethernet cable then you have wired infrastructure.

If you connect via Wi-Fi only then you will need WIFI card which comes at extra cost.

Is wireless (WIFI) printing available?

Yes, this can be requested during the application process but comes at an extra cost and can significantly increase the lead-time.

Why is Ricoh charging for wireless ( WIFI) printing?

The reason Ricoh charge for the wireless printing option is simply due to the fact that the majority of Ricoh devices do not come, as standard, with a wireless networking card. Therefore, if any of our customers can only connect a photocopier/printer via a WI-FI network, as they do not have a wired infrastructure, then the option for wireless printing will always be an additional charge.

Is there a charge for an Interface network?

The interface network option only applies to wired infrastructures and there is no extra cost for this.

Can we use our own engineer to complete the installation, or do we need to wait for a Ricoh engineer once the ‘Be ready for your installation’ form has been filled and submitted to Ricoh?

You do not have to wait for a Ricoh engineer to network your own machines. If at a later date you decide that you require support with the networking, you can still request this directly through the networking team at Ricoh. However please note once the ‘Be ready for your installation’ form is returned Ricoh will automatically look to arrange a engineer to complete the set-up of your device.

Does using our own engineer to complete the installation affect the liability in anyway in regard to service maintenance agreement if anything goes wrong during the installation process?

It would only affect the liability if you decide to move the machine yourselves and during transit the machine were to become damaged, then you would become liable to pay for the repair of the machine. We suggest you contact Ricoh networking team if your engineer is experiencing issues with installation and connectivity.

What is the default admin login for most Ricoh devices?

The default login details for most of Ricoh devices is listed below. If you require further support please contact the Ricoh networking team at .

Username: admin

Password: system@emea

What are the maximum dimensions for a type A, B and C copier?

Ricoh can’t specify the model that’ll be sent to the you until they have found a copier that meets your requirements.

Do we have to have a server in the office for the copier to work?


Do the copiers work with Windows 10?


Can we use Office 365?


Is there an application available for Apple Mac printing?

Yes, postscript options can be added.

Do the copiers offer scanning?

Type A copiers don’t come with the facility to scan, but you can request this for type B and C copiers.

Do the copiers come with the facilities to send and receive faxes?

Yes, you can request this during the application process.

Can we add a finisher to our copier?

Yes, a standard finisher (able to staple and collate) can be added to type B and C copiers.

Can we have a booklet making finisher?

Copiers only come with standard finishers. 

Do the copiers offer label printing facilities including bypass trays?


Can we apply for a copier that doesn’t have a touch screen?

No, all copiers now come with touch screens. 

Is secure printing available?

Yes, the engineer will be able to show you how to do this.

Can you request password protection for colour printing?


Do the copiers offer double sided printing?

Yes, all three types of copiers do.

Can we request a wide format printer for CAD and posters?


Do the copiers offer A3 printing?

Only type B and C offer A3 printing

What is the charge for an A4 colour copy?

5p per copy.

What is the charge for an A3 colour copy?

10p per copy.

Do I have to take meter readings? If so, how often?

Yes, meter readings have to be provided on a quarterly basis depending on the start date of the agreement. This is to ensure correct billing.

How do I locate the meter readings on the device?

Please contact

Where do I log the meter readings?

Please email them to or contact your Credit Controller at Ricoh.

We’re having issues with our copier, who do we contact?

Please call Ricoh’s Customer Service Team on 0845 744 5565.

We have a query about an invoice we’ve received from Ricoh, who do we contact?

Please email with the name of your organisation, the type of machine (A,B or C) that you have and the details of your query. We will contact Ricoh and investigate this for you. 

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