Why Product Giving is so important to Charities

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In Kind Direct enables “product giving for social good”. Never is this more appropriate than for the household, toiletries and cleaning products that we distribute to thousands of charities each year. It’s amazing to see the impact that these everyday essentials make for the charities themselves, and their beneficiaries.

Toilet roll, washing up liquid, soap, hand wash and laundry supplies might not seem that expensive individually, but the cost really adds up over the year for charities, faced with increasing demand but tight budgets. Because In Kind Direct distributes these essential goods at a charge (which includes delivery) that is much lower than retail value, it’s a lifeline for charities, which are able to use the savings to help deliver their services:

“Using In Kind Direct has saved us thousands of pounds in the last three years, which has enabled us to keep going. It costs us a huge amount of money to buy enough cleaning supplies, toilet rolls and the soap we need to keep this place suitable for our users. Thanks to In Kind Direct, this is no longer a burden for us.” (Marble Hill Playcentres).

By saving so much money on everyday products, the charities can expand their service and help more vulnerable people. Our annual survey recently found that 81% of our charity network uses In Kind Direct to source goods for cleaning and upkeep of their facilities. Laundry supplies are particularly vital for charities offering residential services, like the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. Their Fundraiser told us:

“We love In Kind Direct – the savings we make with you are ploughed back into the charity and help us keep welcoming so many children and their families every year.”

In Kind Direct also saves the charities time and resources, as explained by Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council:

“With In Kind Direct we can get increased quality for the same price. Without In Kind Direct we would spend more time and money and increase our carbon footprint sourcing essential supplies.”

Baron’s Court Project regularly orders toiletries and cleaning products from In Kind Direct for their beneficiaries. They told us about the journey a rough sleeper took from engaging with the charity to getting off the streets. This man moved into a new flat and was struggling to buy food and pay for heating. When asked what difference the toiletries and cleaning products had made, he smiled and said:

“I don’t mind wearing second hand clothes, I just wash them first, I won’t mind sleeping in a second hand bed, I would just wash the sheets, and I am really happy to be off the streets and have a shower and toilet of my own. Being able to clean the bathroom, made it mine.”

Still, the demand keeps growing and proves to be greater than the supply. As In Kind Direct primarily distributes surplus stock, donated by manufacturers and retailers, the supply is unpredictable and infrequent. A recent donation of 52 pallets of toilet roll was all gone within eight hours of appearing on our catalogue!

In 2019, we at In Kind Direct intend to do even more for the charities in our network. To me, there is no better way to do that than supporting them with a greater supply of the products that they and their beneficiaries need the most.

If you work for a company that makes or sells household consumer products, please visit https://www.inkinddirect.org/companies/ and join the product giving revolution in 2019.