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Two girls sat smiling in a school. one is wearing blue framed glasses and the other is slightly younger and is wearing a pink and white top.
Summer of Play Campaign Assets

Download these campaign assets to help us encourage other charitable organisations to join our network. Registered charities, schools, nurseries, youth groups, baby banks, community centres, CICs, food projects are eligible to join and access a wide range of summer and back to school products.

enterprise three enterprise vehicles one is a small car, the other is a bigger car and the third one is a van.
Enterprise Affiliate Scheme

Charitable organisations registered with In Kind Direct can now enjoy extra savings on car and van hire thanks to a new affiliate partnership with Enterprise.

Hygiene poverty is Not a Choice campaign image.
Not a Choice Campaign – Educational Resources

What is hygiene poverty? Hygiene poverty is not being able to afford everyday personal hygiene products many of us take for granted Many people experiencing hygiene poverty face the impossible choice to heat, eat or keep clean.

Not a choice campaign imaged
Not a Choice Campaign Assets

Millions of adults are experiencing hygiene poverty in the UK right now. We see this in our community. We’re supporting more and more people who are being faced with the impossible decision to eat, heat or keep clean. 

Poverty Proofing© and hygiene poverty

We are pleased to host a guest blog from Chloe Maclellan, Poverty Proofing Coordinator at Children North East. Chloe shares what students in Poverty Proofing©  audits have said about hygiene poverty and gives some suggestions for how schools and other organisations working with young people can combat hygiene poverty.

Be More Digital

Charitable organisations face all sorts of challenges on a daily basis. Gaining additional resources can therefore make a huge difference and that’s why we’ve been working with Charity Digital, who share our passion for maximising the good that business can do in supporting communities.  

Partnering with Global Resale to bridge the digital gap

In Kind Direct are proud to have partnered with Global Resale, a leading provider of refurbished technology including laptops and computers. This partnership aims to help bridge the digital gap as digital poverty continues to rise across the UK.

hands holding colgate
Behind the scenes in our warehouse

Last week our whole team came together to transform a mixed donation of toiletries and dental products from Colgate, into columns of shippable boxes of toothpaste and shelves of toiletries ready for re-packaging. 

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