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The State of Period Equity in the UK

Through surveys and interviews, our research brings together the opinions and experiences of more than 5,000 people across the UK to reveal lifelong cycles of exclusion caused by period inequity, starting at school, continuing into the workplace and beyond.

Supporting victims of rape and sexual assault

Caring for people who are at their most vulnerable is at the heart of the Washbags programme. We are working in partnership with Her Majesty The Queen to provide victims of rape and sexual abuse with a wash bag at Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) across the UK.   

We’re Proud LEGO® Replay Partners

We’re extremely proud and excited to be partnering with the LEGO® Group on their pilot of LEGO® Replay in the UK, following launches in the United States and Canada.

In Kind Direct - Certified Great Place To Work
In Kind Direct is officially a Great Place To Work!

Earlier this year, we set out to get certified by Great Place to Work, to find out what our employees really think about working at In Kind Direct, and to ultimately ensure that we’re giving our employees what they want and need to enjoy a great work life balance.

Not a choice campaign imaged
Not a Choice Campaign Assets

Millions of adults are experiencing hygiene poverty in the UK right now. We see this in our community. We’re supporting more and more people who are being faced with the impossible decision to eat, heat or keep clean. 

Hygiene poverty is Not a Choice campaign image.
Not a Choice Campaign – Educational Resources

What is hygiene poverty? Hygiene poverty is not being able to afford everyday personal hygiene products many of us take for granted Many people experiencing hygiene poverty face the impossible choice to heat, eat or keep clean.

A little girl brushing her teeth in the mirror
The Human Right to Hygiene One Year On

Last year, we published our landmark, Human Right to Hygiene report which mapped the systems that drive hygiene poverty and outlined a set of clear steps to tackle hygiene poverty in a Roadmap for Change.  One year later, we wanted to share how we’ve worked to tackle hygiene poverty, the impact we’ve had to-date, and our next steps along our Roadmap for Change.  

Two girls sat smiling in a school. one is wearing blue framed glasses and the other is slightly younger and is wearing a pink and white top.
Summer of Play Campaign Assets

Download these campaign assets to help us encourage other charitable organisations to join our network. Registered charities, schools, nurseries, youth groups, baby banks, community centres, CICs, food projects are eligible to join and access a wide range of summer and back to school products.

Poverty Proofing© and hygiene poverty

We are pleased to host a guest blog from Chloe Maclellan, Poverty Proofing Coordinator at Children North East. Chloe shares what students in Poverty Proofing©  audits have said about hygiene poverty and gives some suggestions for how schools and other organisations working with young people can combat hygiene poverty.